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Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 

Curry College 

Milton, MA 


1071 Btud Hill knnm 


(A Stitch In ^ime 1 


lightly JCnit Groups 35 


Sharpening Skills 43 


(AVarn or Two 67 

Student £ife 

^ady ^or display 1 25 

Senior ^onraits 

JCnit One. ^earl Two 147 

Parent Congratulations 

(A Common Thread 176 

Jitter fron^ the Sditor 
Curry College 1996-1997 

Our Campus 

Cuny College has a rich history whose roots 
lie in the intellectual traditions and 
personalities of 19th century New England. 
Now. well into its second century, Curry 
has maintained a distinctive mission while 
creatively transforming itselfover the years 
to meet new educational challenges. 

The wooded, 120 acre Curry campus stands 
out as one of the most attractive and unique 
campuses in New England. While offering 
modem facilities like the student radio 
station (WMLN), two microcomputer 
labroatories, and indoor/outdoor athletic 
complexes, the College has also done much 
to preserve the natural surrondings and rich 
heritage of Eastern Massachusetts. This 
appeal extends off-campus as well. Curry 
College lies 7 miles south of Boston, 
offering rich cultural and educational 
advantages to our students for entertainment 
internships and the experience of tradition. 
And only 2 miles away is the scenic Blue 
Hills, a beautiful retreat for hikers, skiers 
and bikers. 


Kenneth K. Quigley. Jr., bom in Dublin. Ireland, was a 
1975 graduate of Milton High School, He then attended 
the Boston College School of Management and graduated 
with honors in 1979 with a degree in Accounting and 
Finance. In 1982. President Quigley graduated from 
Villanova University School of Law. He has served as a 
faculty member at Suffolk University, Bentley College and 
Curr)- College. President Quigley has also represented the 
college as a member of the AAUP and has served on the 
College Budget and Athletic Committees. 

On Februarj- 2, 1997, Kenneth K. Quigley, Jr. was oificially 
installed as the 14th president of Curry College. 
Approximately 500 people filled the Miller Gymnasium 
to witness and participate in the event. Senator W. Paul 
White read a statement signed by Governor William Weld 
which declared February 2 as "Kenneth Quigley Jr. Day" 
in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. President Quigley 
envisions a bright future for Curry College and looks 
forward to continuing the recent enrollment growth at the 
college while further enhancing the physical facilities of 
the campus. During his inauguration speech, President 
Quigley vowed "to make the world a better place simply 
because Curry College exists." 


% the Class of 1997: 

I wish to take this opportunity to sincerely wish each and every member of the Curry College Class of 1997 
the best of luck as you embark on the next stage of your life. 

I have had the privilege of teaching many of the students in this graduating class. This class is also particu- 
larly dear to me as it is the first graduating class during my tenure as President of Curry College. 

You should all be proud of your accomplishments here at Curry. You have received an excellent education. 
That education was achieved in true partnership between you, your classmates, the faculty, staff and alumni 
of the College. 

As you go forward, I call upon you to remain part of the Curry College family and community. You will be 
curry college graduates all of your lives. You should plan on staying involved with the College. Please be 
assured that the College welcomes you back with open arms and is committed to working with you for life 
long success. 


JCenneth JC. Quigley,Jr. 

Student Life 


Every year, countless high school seniors brave the 
\\ orld of college life. Whether he or she commutes or 
Ii\es on campus, it can be a hard transition. 

The orientation leaders here at Curry do what they can 
to make that transition an easy one and, judging from 
these pictures, they are off to a good start. 

The freshmen enjoy a week of activities as well as a 
chance to get their paper work in order for the start of 
the new year. 

The highlight of every year's orientation, though, seems 
to be the orientation semiformal dance, held on the Spirit 
of Boston. 

Pub Nights 








In recognition of her outstanding 
commitment to students, tiie 1997 
Curry College yearbook, "A Common 
Thread" is published in iionor of Joyce 

No one person more exemplifies this 
theme than Joyce. Ms. Sangrey had 
served dual roles as Assistant Director 
of Student Activities and Residence 
Director for two years prior to 
becoming the Director of Student 

Joyce is an inspiration to all who 
come in contact with her. She works 
productively with students while 
fostering senses of dignity, pride, and 
growth. Curry College is privileged 
to have someone of Joyce's character 
as a representative. She truly 
embodies the Curry College spirit. 

On behalf of the students, 
administrators, and faculty, the 
yearbook staff dedicates this annual 
publication to Director of Student 
Activities Joyce Sangrey. 

Joyce Sangrey 


I ^ 







^sidential J^e 



The Cafeteria 


^al Inspector J-iound 



ground Campus 



t li'l 




^y ^ay . . . 


% J4ght! 






^^Bk' "■'^'^ ^^^l^^^l 








m^^-^ jfl 






H^^r "^'' ii^HH 





^.. ^ 

^'^^c^ "^ ^n 





'Ap* . Iff 7 

^ ■ W(mm 









C ^■^^#iA ^^^^1 








\-..-. ■»* 









International Club 


mrra Currier Times 

The bi-weekly student newspaper of Curry College 



Commuter Club 

Chris Metaphora, Marc Radcliff, Liz Kilroy, Dorachea 
Wolfgram and Chris Nelson. 


Marcxj Wasserstram, Sherri Russ, Monica Meyers, 
Kim Cohen, Isabel Iberkleid, Lisa Donzier, Jeff Greene, 
Jon Walsky, Rally Cohen, CraigHolz, Scott Fla ngha u m , 
Jacob Washmon and George Gamins. 

Project Share 

Margaret Curran, Liz Merrit, Kim Cohn, Kim Loungo, 
Sasha Olshhisky, Erica Harris and Craig Halwachs 


ABC'. Alcohol Beverage Committee 

Cluhsl Organizations 

Alcohol Beverage Committee (ABC) 


Campus Activities Board (CAB) 

Commuter Club 

Currier Times 

Curry Arts Journal 

Curry College Nursing Association (CCNA) 



International Club 

Management Forum 

Martin Luther King Society 

Multi-Cultural Club 

New England Adventure Society (NEAS) 


Project Share 

Student Ambassadors 

Student Government Association (SGA) 





>• 4^ 











Women's Soccer 








Women's Basketball 



Men's Basketball 
























Tennis ■« 





^ ^^ ^> 

i * 


or Two 

Student J^e 




















T>*^.„»^ .-'^ 








April Fool's Day brought more than practical jokes. Il hroiif>hl over two feet of thick, wet, heavy .mow 
in twenty-four hour.',- bringing down power lines and trees. Students enjoyed 2 1/2 days off from the 
responsibilities of class while buildings and grounds did a great job of plowing us out. 




4 4 ii < 





•^d lli^i 
























Back: Maura Stapleton, 

Heather Coombs, & 

Mamie MacLean 

Front: Andrew Brucker & 

Brian Schmulen 

Student Government Officers 

Ken Sears, 

Jamie Vasoll, & 

Brian Schaad 

Executive Review Board 


Senior Class SGA 
Back: Christina Tamasi, Charlie Homberger, & Aaron Beer. 
Front: Beth Driscoll, Chuck Doherty, Asa Leighton, and 
Maria Brooks. 

Junior Class SGA 
Back: Karl Rudolph, Nicole Lapenta, Courtney Sullivan, and 
Maria Roman. 

Front: Keith Shepard, Peter Votto, Brian Castellano, and 
Craig Holz. 




Sophomore Class SGA 
Sean Cronin, Alison McManus, Andrea Aronson, Richie 
Rose, Erikt Illingworth, Dennis Keenan, Pat Peterson, and 
Jennifer Edwards. 

Freshmen Class SGA 
Spenser Jawitz, Andrew Zapallo, LeAnne Purpura, 
Anthony Sabrizio, Jeff Uryga, Sabrina Dube, Derek Benton, 
and Costas Pantazis 









« ■■. 
















^^^^^H i^sss^.-r:? ' 

■ jijWI naa 



"^^BP " 



1 ^^^^^^H^^^n 
















|.^*^^^|W ;^jl 




^r ^^^1 

i "' 




' 1 
















,M^^ '"^ 


^^ ^ II ■ 

y w 


||?i--;.?^ •] 






r 1 


/ ^^^1 



Senior i^onraits 


Thomas Agost 

Visual Arts 

Melanie Elizabeth Amaral 


Thanx mom & family for all your support & love. I 
love you Dennis. .thanx for putting up with my 
anxiety & stress the last 4 years. All friends I left 
out, I will miss you. Thank you. .Claire, Linda T. & 
Michelle S. for all your wisdom & help in Nursing. 
Good luck to all nursing underclassmen. I will miss 
you Mandie & Andrea! As I am graduating today I 
am already filled with the excitement of returning to 
school in the near future. Thank you God & Nana for 
your love & guidance from heaven. BYE! 

Michelle Lynn Ambrosino 

Best of Luck to my friends and the class 
of '97. Mom, Dad & Jarod- Thank you 
for everything. You will never know how 
greatful I am for your love and support. I 
couldn't have done it without you. 

Carsten Aretz 


Pamela A ronson 

Business Management/Spanish 

Thomas P. Athridge 

Commiinicalions/Folitical Science 
"I must be on my way to heaven I've 
done tny time in hell. "-Rolling Stones 
Always believe in your dreams, sometimes ihey 
come true. Cheers to the Rugby Team- 
Brothers for life. To all of my real friends, 
thanks for all of the great memories, I'll 
cherish them forever. Thanks mom & dad, 
without you this would not have been possible. 


Donna Patricia Barnes 

I would like to thank my family for all 
their support. My wonderful friends who 
encouraged me and stuck by me through 
the fast few years. I thank God most of 
all for giving me the strength and 
courage to do it all. 

Rita Bean 

Thanks to all my friends and family for 
the support given to me through out my 

Andrew C. Becker 

Thanks for everything; Mom, Dad & Josh. 
I could not have done it without you. To 
all the good times over the past four years. 
To the Scholar's crew '94 & '95. Spring 
Fling '94. Trips to Maine & Vermont. To 
my best of friends, JT, J A, DI, GK, JM, PR, 

Aaron M. Beer 


"Beerman" Football 1-4 #47, Ed-Chief Currier 
Times, WMLN, Sr. Rep., "Who's Who." Nick 
#57 best teammate. Spooner: roommates 
frosh yr. fun times. JT: who ya hit'n on next? 
Beth: CT-did it, done it. Spring Fling '95. 
Party Ball-Close Call! JC-Cuffed n' Stuffed! 
3rd floor Lombard 95-96: Richard's runs. M 
Gabow: thanx for all you've done. Dad, Mom 
& Josh; thanx for support. Class dismissed!- 
Van Halen. Best of luck '97! 

Adam Paul Belmonte 


Football(93,94,95.96) Rooming w/ the Irishman Fr. 
year, Goldslager & the Statue of Liberty, cowards in the 
rain, KT. watch the barrel, KT. working late. Song 7 w/ 
JB & EM, JB & the fish, JB/EM bathroom door. CR 
pounding every night, CR running w/ Godino, JI's w/ 
Snuffy & EM. You lost that lovin' feehng, MM on THE 
NIGHT. Times w/ MM. Jello shots. EM "this is your 
final warning." P on door EM, DH stuck on the floor, 
V's parties, EM comin' in late. Everyone on the ftbl. 
team thanx for the memories, DL, Rob, MM in N.H. 
"go on the balcony" M.M.- ILY 

Christopher Stephen Benjamin 


I can't start by thanking all my friends for a fun filled 4 
yrs. because I have too many! Carslen & Scholars 
bsmt. is where it all started. Thanks Liz. Some jocks 
aren't that bad. I will remember all my roomates. even 
Vicky. Why did you have to wait until my Sr. year to 
change the cafeteria, it still sucks. I never had a car 
here but I did enjoy running from Campus Safety. I got 
the nickname because she deserved it. Try recruiting 
some good looking girls to Curry. I also know why fish 
are so thin. Long Live Mike McKenna! 


Kerry E. Blanchard 

Psycliology/Elementaiy Education 

I want to thank my parents & brother for always 
supporting me. Thanx to my friends who have been 
there for me through good times & bad. To all of 
the great times at Curry: Blue sweatshirt. New 
Year's 95-96. The Boston Fight, Missing camera, 
earrings, & parents. April Fools snowstorm. Elena's 
appendix. HoJo's 3:30am good idea, my 3rd floor 
roomies. Sr. Week, to all of my roommates, & 
manv more. Thanx for the memories! 

Sandy Boccalatte 


Glenn C.Bradley 

I've had a wonderful time. Thanks to 
everyone. Good luck and best wishes 
Curry Theatre. 

Eric Brown 

Criminal Justice 

Andrew Brucker 

Visual Arts 

Melissa Buenaventura 

To my family, who has given me so much 
support through the years, I love you 
and I thank you. To all my friends I've 
met here, I'll never forget you. 


Danielle R. Calvert 

Friendship clasped together firmly with a 
love that's deep and true, and it's rich 
with happy memories and fond recollec- 
tions, too.... 

Thanks for the love and support from 
friends and family. Thanks Mum, Dad 
and Jennifer. 

Kimberly M. Cauthen 

Thank you to my family for all your 
support. I could have never done it 
without you. And to all of my friends: 
thanks for the memories, I will hold them 

Jeffrey Patrick Cave 

Business Management/English 
To all of my friends who are moving on 
or are stuck here a little longer: May the 
best of your pasts be the worst of your 

Kristine M. Celona 

Mom, Dad and Michael- Thank you for 
all of your love and support. Special 
thanks to Dr. Warners, Dr. Steinberg and 
Dr. Hill. It's been fun Nicole C, Naomi P., 
TishP.,andDavidG. Shicky Girl- 
Madonna- South Station- Roger. To my 
friends,- "No Day but Today"- Rent. 

Jennifer Anne Cochran 

To Mom, Dad and Andrea- Thank you 
for everything you have done for me. I 
couldn't have done it without you! RK- 
Thank you for your support senior year. 
You mean everything to me. Good luck 
to my friends and classmates of '97! 

Holly Cohen 

Sociology/Elementmy Education 
"You must do the thing you cannot do"- 
Eleanor Roosevelt. Thank you to my 
whole family for your support. You are 
the best. Thank you to all of the people 
that 1 met here in the last four years. 1 
will not forget the happy and sad times 
here at Curry. Good luck Class of '97! 


Karen Marie Colandreo 

Thanks to my friends who have sup- 
ported me and have left me with such 
great memories. Without you I wouldn't 
ha\e made ANY decisions! Mom, Dad 
and Bobby- Thank you for your strength 
and encouragement. I couldn't have 
done it without you! I love you! 

Heather Coombs 

Yes there are obstacles, and lots of excuses. 
Some people get sidetracked and never 
make it. Others-the ones we admire-get the 
job done anyway. It's called determination. 
Thanks to all my friends, but especially my 
Mom, Dad, Kelley and Casey- 1 never could 
have made it without you! 

Nicole Crowther 


Lisa Danziger 

Business Management/Applied Compulinf; 

Abigail Peirson Dath 

"It's hard to find a beginning and an end 
while your still frustrated on the in 
between." A. P. Dath "96" - manuscript in 
progress "Home Brew." 

Bridget DeBlasio 



Michael DeCoffe 


Margaret J. DeRose 

Psychology/Elementaiy Education 
"Believe in yourself, and never give up on 
your dreams." I would like to thank my 
Mother for believing in me, and always 
standing by my side. I would also like to 
thank both of my parent's for their support. 
Thanks to all of my friends, and a special 
thanks to JK, because I wouldn't have made 
it through this year without your support. 

David J. DeSanctis 

Business Management/Accounting & Finance 
"It is difficult to memorialize memories with 
words; memories memorialize memories. (D. R. 
Biondi) These were the times that will be 
remembered. I want to send my love & thanks 
to my moms & pops. They made me strong & 
helped me to achieve the things I did. You both 
will be proud! To ma-ma "cuddle," to chatch 
"we made it." to pony-boy "down that," the All 
American boy "You got caught," & to all my 
other friends . . . Hey. your all KINDA special." 

Danielle J. DiCarlo 

Criminal Justice/Politics & History 
Thanks to all the people who got me 
here! Especially to Mom and Dad. I love 
you! I could not have done it without 
you, and to my friends also! 

Michelle Marie DiFraia 

Health Education/Biology & 
Four years went too fast. Paula & Elena-Thanks 
for always being there. You guys are the greatest 
friends forever. Mary-where would I be without 
you? Thanks for all the good times & 
unforgetable memories-PT, EH, MA, & RL. 
Daddy & Mom-thank you for the opportunity to 
go to college & for all your love, support & belief 
in me. You never gave up on me. I love you 
Daddy, Mom, Lisa & Sam! 

Kathleen Maura Donovan 

I've had a great 4 yrs. at Curry. I've met some 
wonderful students & professors throughout my 
educational college yrs. I chose my career to 
become a teacher because I feel that in order to 
survive in this world, one must be responsible, 
understanding, respectful, open-minded, non- 
judgemental, supporting & have caring 
attitudes for people. I leave to Curry College 
and to all the people I have met along this 
road, my smile. 


Beth DriscoU 

Mom and Dad- words cannot express my 
gratitude for all the love, support and 
opportunitites you have given me. To all 
my friends- Good luck and thank you for 
all the special memories. 

Eileen A. Dunning 

Nursing/Women' s Studies & Sociology 

William C.Durr 

Thank you Mom, Dad and Allie for all 
your support. I couldn't have done it 
without you. Love, Billy 

Tara K. Felicella 

To .Mom. Dad. Erica & Brian for all ihal you have 
done. I could nol have done il without you. When 
others lold mc I couldn't, you showed me I could. I 
love you. To Holly for always being there & keeping 
me sane. Texas trip: pickled quail eggs & 18- 
whcelers. Bailey-whal were we thinking? Lei's get to 
the point cfe...Uhm Yeah Hi. To bevin. Ally. Drew, 
Asa. Digger. Ben. Dutch. Fatty. Homey. Rugby & 
anyone else I might have forgotten, thanks for all the 
great times & memories. 

132 V 

Brian Paul Ferris 

Politics & History/English 

Sanibel Island & McT's Shrimp house w/ Bruce. 
Charlene, Michelle. Rachel & Vencssa. Summer Hoop 
Camps. Thanx to all my friends at home-Bruce, 
George, Scott, Mike. Jonathan. Jayme, Dave. Ryan, 
Matty & Joey- You're all the best. My future wife 
Venessa? Pittsburgh w/ Malty. A special THANKS 
to Coach Otto & Coach Skerry. Softball trip to Fort 
Myers. Waverunning w/ Michelle. Moor/.ey your a 
great friend. My roommates plumbing. All the limes 
w/ Sarah, Christina & Nicole. All talks w/ Ncaly & 
Hcalhcr. Thanks to all my family for cvcrylhing-I 
LOVE YOU ALL. Good luck w/ everything Eric. 21. 

Caryn Fisher 


Scott L. Flanzbaum 

Music Director WMLN- Alexander 
Graham Bell Honor Society- Curry 
Improv- Curry Theater- Chorale- 
Assistant Operations Director WMLN- 
Voice Lessons- Hillel 

Amy Friedman 


Shannon J. Frye 


"Success cannot be measured by any monetary 
amount or material possession. True success is 
happiness and I'm already successful." Vermont, 
here I come! Jayme, Joan. Mike & Dave- What a long 
strange trip it's been! Thanks to my family who stood 
beside me, & to Chad for being so patient. I love you! 
Keith, you are my true inspiration. You gave me the 
strength to get where I am. Thank you. WMLN friends, 
thanks for the educational experiences. Good luck to 
you all! 

Jonathan Gaby 

Communication/Visual Arts 

Amanda Jean Gammons 

A special thanks to all the people who 
have supported me and have always seen 
the best in me. Thanks to those who 
kept me organized and "on track." Mom 
and Dad- You have done so much for me, 
I love you! 

Venessa Gasior 

To all the important people & special 
moments: Katie, Artemis, Kouma. 5-0, Capt. 
w/ my honey Maiocca, Sprague #11, Tarky, 
Ninja, Woessner, MacDaddy, #72-there's 
always a place!! Ferris, Patti, Softball, Ft. 
Myers 96/97, How's your box?. Black Betty, 
F.B.Y.A., Am I a loser?, McT's, NIKE, #3, 
CCC's?, Thanks Bruce and Donga. Thanks to 
my family- I LOVE YOU ALL!! 


Jason Gray 

Business Management 

Gianna Maria Giosmas 


The years that I've spent at Curry have made me 
more motivated, strong & mature. I've become more 
of the person I want to be by the many friends, faculty 
& staff that 1 have come in contact with. To my 
friends: We've gone through many good & bad times 
together, but still managed to keep those bonds strong. 
Know always that no matter where we end up, all of 
you will remain in my thoughts forever. True friendship 
will never die or be forgotten. Thank you to everyone 
who's been part of my life throughout these college 

Kate Suzanne Hevey 


"I do not regret the things I've done, but those I did 
not do!" I have learned alot about life my past four 
years here, although none of it is from classes. To 
all my friends- Thank you! "The Girls." Main 
House Roommates. I'll miss you tons! "If you 
guys ever wonder if it was nice to know you, I tell 
you now that it was." Mom, thank you for all you 
have done for me. Without you I would not be 
where I am today. I love you! 

Stacy M. Hartstone 

Mom, Dad and David- Thank you for all 
your love and support. I finally did it! ! ! 
.Mom and Dad- Thanks for the convert- 
ible! I love you. 

Elena R. Hickey 

Psychology/Elementary Education 

Thank you Mom and Dad for letting me learn. I love 
you! To my friends, thanks for making Curry 
special. I love you all! Jill and Kerry, you are always 
in my heart. "Too many times we stand aside and 
let the waters slip away. What we put off 'till 
tomorrow has now become today. .So don't sit upon 
the shore and say you're satisfied, choose to chance 
the rapids and dare to dance the tides." -Garlh Brooks 

Charlie M. Homberger 


These last 4 years have been the best of my life. But 
now they will only be memories. How lucky 1 am to 
have so many good ones! I will never forget how much 
fun it all was, how many good times we've had 
together, 1 wish 1 could list all the names & all the 
people who have impacted my stay here at Curry, but I 
can't. You know who you are, & I hope you know I 
love every last one of you! I give thanks to Curry 
Rugby & my family, whom I love & respect more than 
they know. 


Laura E. Ingles 

Visual Arts/Applied Computing 
I have made alot of friends throughout my four 
years here. I hope to keep in touch with all of 
you. Especially Bill, Sherri, Christina, 
Meaghan, Tyler & Andy. We have been 
together for four years & they were great! I 
wish everyone the best in the years to come. I 
would also like to thank the "pretzel man" for 
all the good times and laughs. 

Michelle Kagan 


"Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and 
impossible to forget." Thanks to all my special 
friends, especially my roommate, for making my 4 
years here so memorable. Todd- I LOVE YOU. our 
future has now begun. Thanks Mom, Marc, Sherri & 
Joey for all your love & support. I love you all! 
DAD- your memory has inspired me to succeed. I 
know you would have been so proud of me. I love 
you & never stop thinking of you. Good luck 1997. 

Debra Keenan 

Criminal Justice 

Beth Keiley 

"Judge your success by what you had to 
give up in order to get it." 

Kerri P. Keohan 

Health Education/Psychology 

Paige G. Kinder 

To all those who have touched my life. 
Thanks for the education beyond the 
books. The treasures of life are time, 
hope, love & passion. Always spend 
them wisely. 


Candace Lynn Klecha 

Health Education/Biology &Psychology 
Good luck to the first class to graduate with 
majors in Health Education! Linda, thanks 
for taking on this challenge of teaching and 
developing a new major. It was hard but we 
did it! To mom and dad, thank you for 
everything, part of my degree belongs to you. 
To .Adam, thank you for everything. I LOVE 
YOU! (4-18-98). 

Patricia Kottmann 

Psychology/Elementaiy Education 

To my fellow slackers: Stacy(the big mouth) Do you 
want to leave? Let's go eat! Our years at 6 Warren 
Ave.! Days, Alone time. Weds with Ice Cream. TURN 
AROUND! Uncontrollable laughing. Katie(Miss 
Mature) Don't forget B's class, let's go eat! Slugger, 
can I flick it? Ready, set, light! I just fell asleep a few 
minutes ago! Tom, keep your pants on! Brian & 
Adam, I'll miss you guys. Thanx Mom. Dad & Mikey 
for putting up w/ me. I love you! To Stacy & Katie, 
maybe someday we'll mature, Ha, I'll miss ya! To 
everyone else.... WE MADE IT! 

John Lacey 


Andrew Lalor 

Politics & History 

Asa G. Leighton 

Business Management 
I would like to thank everyone that I have 
met these past four years. Your all great. 
A man is only as rich and diverse as 
those around him, so I must be the 
richest man in the world. Take care & 
good luck. 

Michael Leone 



Sharon Elise Levin 

Communication/Politics & Histoiy 
I believe that we were all put on this earth to 
create a master piece and that is life. Every- 
thing we do is a piece of the puzzle of life. I 
will never forget my time at Curry, for it holds 
many memories, great friends, and experiences. 
Thank you to all those who have touched my 
life or who have entered it briefly. I will not 
forget you however. I will miss you. 

Melina Magazzu 


Soccer Buds never to be forgotten- Mighty Mags 
HigliGate & Pearl Jam Balloons- We'll never run out. 
Smile Baby! SC LG CP JM LD NS- Thanks for every- 
thing- I love you guys! From Bayroot, St. Pat's Day. 
Scholar's, Milton Hall Crew. NH Runs. Florida, Shaddy 
people. Hanging w/ the DugOut. The Houses, Jamin* at 
the field. Concerts. Drive-by's, ME. Endless partying. 
Power hour. B-Days & Holidays, It's all been worth it with 
no regrets! #3, Doce- Best of luck. Torri- Never Sorry, 
Good times to come! Thanks Mom, Dad, Pete & Maria. 

Neil Magenheim 

Business Management 

Michael Christopher Mancuso 

Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4.. .Captain- Hockey 1, 2, 3, 
4...E.C.A.C. First All Star Team; Defense. 
Sports Athletic Committee- Baseball Represen- 
tative. Essential Skills- 'Worker/Tutor. Special 
thanks to- Mom & Dad, Dr. Russo. Jack & 
Brian 'Valley, and Mark Tarmey. "What About 
IT." Good luck fellow classmates! 

Jeffrey Manning 


Cara Masciulli 

Health Education/Biology & Psychology 
Mom & Dad, I couldn't have done it w/out 
you. Heather I'm so proud of you. Kristine- 
How will I live w/out you pal? Roommates 
Forever. Take care of the trophy & the alien. 
Nick- thanks for listening when I needed you. 
Tom- what can I say? You're the best! I 
love you all. Congrats & good luck to the 
class of 1997. 


Danielle Marie Merola 

To Pa & Nan- It's been a long four years. 
I thank you for all your love and support 
through the smiles and the tears. I Love 

Danielle R. Messier 

"Our greatest goal consists not in never 
falling, but in rising each time we fall." 
My love and thanks to my family and 
friends who helped make this true. These 
four years have been a wonderful 
experience, and I will hold them in my 
heart forever. 

Darren Mindlin 

Business Management 



Stacy Morin 

Education & Psychology 

Kerry E. Moynihan 

"Looks like we made it!" Thank you to 
all who have supported me - Mom, Dad 
and family, Billy and family, and all my 


Elizabeth M. Morrison 


Giving ALL thanks & praises to the Lord above for 
guiding me & giving me the strength to make it this far. 
Mommy & Daddy: I am blessed to have you both. To 
my brothers, Eric & Ernesto Jr. -Thanks! To all the 
people who helped me along the way: Diane Goss. 
Roberta Kosberg, Ann Levin. Mary Sullivan, Judy 
Jones, Tom Byrne, Peter Hainer, M. Seek, Peg Drisko, 
Gail Shank & Bruce Steinberg. To all of my TRUE 
friends in the present & in the past: CB, SF, AM, RS, 
PD, LR, DS, LH, LS, etc. 

Christopher Scott Nelson 


Six long years finally come to an end. Pub night 
memories, always on the dance floor having a good 
time. To all my friends: Never say good-bye 'cause we 
will meet again someday. My friends in the Commuter 
Club: Mark, Chris, Liz, Dorothy & Lois-Love you all & 
will miss you very much. Thanks to Curry for all the 
great memories & good times shared. Mom, Dad, 
Lynda & Kim- thanks for always being there, I love you 
more than you know. Get ready business world. Here 1 

Michael Joseph Nolan 

Criminal Justice/Sociology 
Thanks to everyone in my family, 
especially my mother Kathleen for 
everything you've done for me. To my 
best friend Lauren, I appreciate all your 
love & support. Good luck to #35 Mags 
and #21 Ferris, it's been real. 

Paul D. Noonan 

Business Management 
Thank you friends, family and Dave; 
Keep on Trucking "42" "Driver." 

Bryan Nigey 

To my old & new roommates, congratulations 
& good luck! I leave Bryan a pack of butts, a 
lighter, roadmap, compass, & a get out of jail 
free card. Andrew a pack of butts, lighter, 
roadtrip w/ Adam B. & Bryan to FL.. & a 2 day 
stay at Savanna Country's finest. Remember 
Andrew's house in FL. & Colorado, Summer 
PAL, & the races in Jersey. Thank you Mom 
& Dad, I love you. 

Erin Marie Nordeste 

I want to thank my Mom and Dad for giving 
me the opportunity to experience the best 4 
years of my life here at Curry. Your support & 
encouragement has gotten me to where I am 
today. Thanks to my friends for the memories 
you've given me. I love you all! Anthony, 
thank you for your continuous love & support. 
You mean the world to me. I love you. 



Jeffrey Noyes 



Business Management 
Honor student and pitched for Curry 
Baseball. The real Commuter Club 
President. I would like to thank my 
parents for supporting me financially and 
emotionally. Special thanks to Hags, 
Chuck, Ed & P.J. for helping me deal with 

Kimberly Petrillo 

Business Management 

Kristine Plaistowe 


Mom & Dad: Thanks for believing in me even when I 
didn'l believe in myself! I saved you some tool & did ii 
in 41 Cara The Wood Nimph. Soph, year in Mayflower. 
Fire alarms & Walshic. "Pablo come back to Horida" 
J. W. -Love ya-mcan it. Lilllc Bro.- sorry you missed Sr. 
year- il wasn't the same w/out you I George, it was fun 
while it lasted. To the class of '97- Good Luck. Hi- 
Hickey "Oh Rick." 'The mind forgets, but the heart 
always remembers." P.S. Nate, your the coolest boss 
& friend. 

Kimberly Ann Porcello 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Susan, Paul and Judy. 
Hugs and kisses to Nicole and Kristen. 
To my friends, the best in the world; 
Good luck in all that you do. Love You! 

Maria Ranieri 


"What a wonderful (college) life I've had! 

I only wish I'd realized il sooner." Collelle, I made it! 

Hum! Thanks to everyone who believed in 

me. ..friends, family & loved one's. A special thanks l( 

my friend & inspiration-Mom. You've given me more 

than 1 could ever ask for.. now it's lime to make you 

proud. Thanks to my friends for their warmth & 

compassion. I can share anything about my life with 

you. & you'll never pass judgement or condemn. The 

special quality of our friendship is the openness. 

Remember our good times & learn from the bad. 



Sherri Reiss 

Psychology/Elementai-y Education 
Good luck to all seniors. Major thank you 
to LEI for being a friend and a fighting 
partner. To Bea for being a patient 
mentor. Without Sue Pratt I wouldn't 
have survived college. Smile and go 
crazy to MB, Ct, MS. AS, MB, HC, & SF. 
There is a tomorrow. 

Rebecca L. Reynolds 

Psychology/Elementaiy & Special 

Dad, Mom & Andy- Thank you for letting the chips 
fall where they may and being there to pick them up 
when needed. For your support & guidance, I 
appreciate you. For your determination & persever- 
ance. I admire you. For your caring ways, I love 
you! Jeff- you are my best friend & the love of my 
life. Thanks for your continual love & support! I 
love you! Best of luck to all my friends & the class 
of '97! 

Yukinori Sanada 

Business Management 
I would like to say "thank you" to my 
family, friends and professors. This 
graduation is the first step in making my 
dreams come true. I will continue to 
pursue my goals. 

Meaghan Savard 


"Very few people can stand the strain of being 
educated without getting superior over it." - 
Stephen Leacock. Thanks to Mom, Dad & M. 
Catherine. To all my friends- thanks for the 
memories & laughs. Always remember 
S.Carolina, Maine & Spooky World. Don't 
forget Foxwoods. I wish you all the happiness 
& success in life. I love you all. 

Stacy Schalkham 


To my fellow slackers: Tricia, the Big F, never forget 6 
Warren Ave.. Is class cancelled?. Days, Can we leave, 
are we eating out?. Wed. ice cream, alone time & our 
laughing fits, DON'T LOOK AT ME!! 
Katie, my sister, "Wait till you see my pajamas." 
Cancun '97. Don't forget Days. .slugger, scooters. 
Bunkers, the monsters, timewarp & 6 Warren Ave. 
Tom, Ha Ha, I more year left! Thanks for everything, I 
love you! To Tricia & Katie: Maybe someday we'll 
grow up, I'll miss you! Thanks Mom, Dad & Mark. To 
everyone else. ..WE MADE IT! 

Brian Schmulen 

Business Management/Computers 


Allison Schuh 

Visual Arts 

Erika Shapiro' 

Thanks Ma, Cris, Alisa & Jack. I couldn't 
have done it w/out you. Michelle G., Alan H., 
Ron W., Honors Program, Curry College & 
P.A.L. Thank you for helping me succeed. 
Mexico City, Miami, Scuba diving, Soccer, 
Flannery O'Connor, Early Childhood 
Education, & T.V. Class of 1997. 
Pa, always in my heart. 

Katie Silva 

To my fellow slackers: Stacey (H. Martin) 
always wear old trustie- 1 saw computer boy- 
Can we eat out?- guitars (Mexico)- 
REDMAN- Pretty in Pink. Tricia- don't eat 
cheese, don't answer the phone, and don't 
forget I own stock. Tom- 1 SAW you! 
London 1995, OZ. Thanks family. 

Bryan Sisbarro 



Psychology/Women 's Studies 

Roberto Suarez 

Business Management 

Les doy gracia.s a Mami y Papi por todo el apollo que 
me han dado, los quiero mucho y para .siempre, 
Bendicion, Special Ihank.s lo Prof. Faturo, Theresa 
Edwards & John Caroll. My lime at Curry has been a 
joyful & inleresting experience. Good luck lo all my 
friends & to the Inlernationa! Club. Thank you lo all 
faculty Ihal has helped me throughout my college 
years here. Bless you all & Happy Triquining Day. 


Juancho Perez-Subira 

Communication/Business Management 

I would like to thank mi papa y mi mama for 
giving me the opportunity to go to college. 
After struggling all these years w/ school, many 
people at Curry have helped me by supporting 
& guiding me to prepare for my future goals. 
For this 1 thank you. Special thanks to: Marie 
Murphy, Diane Goss, Grace Rooney & Roberta 
Kosberg. Gracias por todo a todo el mundo que 
me alliido. 

Michael Sugarman 

Communication/Business Management 
I will never forget the friendships I made 
here at Curry. Senior year was a blast! 
Thanks Mom, Dad & Dawn for making all 
of this possible. I love you all. Good 
luck class of 1997! 

Lauren R. Swern 

Business Management/Psychology 

Christina Tamasi 

Politics & History 
Thanks to Mom, Dad & David for 
believing in me. Thanks to the College 
community for giving me a chance to 
succeed. Friends- thank you for giving 
me the time of my life ! "Nothing is 
permanent except change." 

Paula Moore Tobey 

"If you love something set it free, if it comes 
back it's yours, if it doesn't it never was." 
Thank you Mom & Dad for all of your 
support. Thank you Seth for being so loving, 
understanding & wonderful. I love you. To 
ABC- good luck in the future! To all of my 
friends- best of luck. I love you all. Smile 

Keith Tracy 

Business Management 



Michelle Vaccaro 


To my parents(all 3 of you), my brolhers. and my 
family- I could never thank you enough for everything 
that you have done- Love you XO! To my best friends- 
my other half, my soul sista. my big brother- The Club- 
and my roomie for all 4. Thanks for all you've done & 
for the best times: Bashes at the Money Pit. the Cops 
videodhal never happened-plans?), Rudy. Got milk?. 
Sunshine Day. Charlie, the floods, the excuseslthey 
have a book). I wish things didn't happen the way they 
did- 1 love you guys! 

Sandra Volpe 


Matthew R. Wall 


James A. Webber III 

I've finally made ill Thank you Mom, 
Dad. Michael, Michelle, John, baby and 
Linda. I would also like to thank my 
friends and relatives. Good luck to 
everyone at Curry College. 


Maryellen Weitbrecht 

This would not have been possible wilhoul 
those who loved me. Thanks Mom, Julie. 
Tom, Ken, Nana & Grampy. I love you all 
very much! Thank you Curry staff for 
helping me along the way. I had some 
(lilTicull limes, but love, friendship & 
support encouraged me to keep at it! 

Christine Weldon 


To all of my friends; Jenn, Jaime, Karen, Jen, Erin, 
Kiilc, Palti, Renee, .Sue. Korrie, Michelle, Rosie, Col, 
Kcl, Brownie. Sibo. Andrew, Nigc, Johnny, Katie, Jes, 
Lynn, Jack, Luke, Mclina. Joe, Teddy, Ed, Mish & 
everyone else I've particd w/ at Curry, it's because of 
you thai these have been the best 4 years of my life. 
Never forget: endless parlies, Disney World, Ihe lead 
singer of Live, Bayrool, Red Rover, Zima & shady late 
night visits. Girls- 1 love you! Kenny- watching 
forever. Mom, Dad. Scott & Michael; thank you, I love 

Corie Lee Willand 

Psychology & Sociology/Criminal 

Thank you Robert for all your love & support. I 
wouldn't have made it w/out you. Guess what?? I said 
YES!! To all those at GAV Hinckley, thank you for 
helping me build a strong foundation. Special thanks to 
Kim, Mark, Carol, Terry & Doc. Couldn't have gotten 
here w/out your help. Lots of love to my "Proud" 
Grandparents, I'm glad to have been the first. K.K.- I 
hope you make it to C.A., & may you have a million 
pets. A.F.- stop whining! ! ! 

Gregory Wolkoff 

Business Management 

Marc Denegris 

No Picture Available 





Eva Vale 

Nursing/Business Management 



JCnit One, 
^earl Two 

Parent Congratulations 



My Dear Michelle 

We are so very proud of you! We knew you could do 
it! And, you did!! May you always be successful in 
all that you set out to accomplish. Dad would have 
been so proud of you! 


Mom, Marc, 
Sherri & Joey & 
Hannah & Evan 


"I DID IT." "I DID IT." 

Paige, we hope that you feel as 
proud of your accomplishments as 
we do. You are very special and 
we both love you! 

Dad & Terry 

Candace Klecha 

May you follow your dreams 
And believe in yourself all 
The Way, As you journey along 
With your eyes on the stars 
And with hope in your heart 
Day by day. Congratulations! 
Love, Mom and Dad 


As always, personable, 
enthusiastic and energetic. 

Congratualtions! We are very 
proud of you. 


Mom, Dad, Pete, and Julia 

Congratulations! We are so proud of 
you. We wish you a future filled 
with health and happiness and may 
all your dreams come true. 


Dad, Mom, Lynda and Kim 


Congratulations on so many 
accomplishments. Follow your 
dreams for continued success & 
happiness always. 

Elvis lives! 
Mom, Dad, & Family 



We are ''soo" proud of you. 


Mom, Dad, Nicole 

Tiffany, Rodman, Bosco, Autumn, 

Chan, Sasha & Dizzy 


v^r^v^'Si'i^ ^>M^^f^ proud of yoi/r ey^Bi^ 
vsvct V.\nderg^aA?A7 

When you reached this... 

were ttie proudest family!!! 



pap'i, mami, olbGrto, tammy, rafa, ale y catalina 




' %iLWcL <l''TcL prtdw-as 

Meaghan Savard 

Congratulations 'Tace'' ! So proud of 
you today and always. May life for 
you bring all the joys you have give 
us. Criss Cross. 


Dad, Mom, and Chat 



Stacey, We're so proud of you! 
Congratulations on all of your accomplishments. 
Although you're all grown up, you'll always be 
our little girl and we'll always be there for you. 

Love, Mom, Dad and Mark 



We want you to know 
how much we enjoy 
having you for our 
daughter. It's always 
meant so much to us to 
see you smile, to listen 
to your ideas, to watch 
you grow and learn and 
become your own per- 
son. We want you to know that you've made 
so many days special for us and given us so 
many wonderful memories. You've always 
made us proud to say, "That's our daughter 
..." You're such an important part of our 
lives. We love you so very much. 


Mom, Dad, Jarod & Jake 

In Honor of Greg Wolkoff 


on your Graduation! 

Our hearts are filled with pride 

for all you have accomplished! 

Mom, Dad, & Eric 




You had a great 4 years at Curry. We're so proud 
of you. All the best as you carve out a bright new 


Mom, Dad, and Joshua 


Congratulations, Jeff! 

We love you! Seize the moment! 
Love, Dad & Mom 

Wow! Nice going, son. 

This accomplishment is so 
sweet and will be the 
foundation of your future 

We are proud! 


Mom, Dad & Kelsey 

Karen Colandreo 


Congratulations! We are 
proud of you and all you 
have accomplished 


Mom, Dad, and Bobby 


You are precious! So many lives are touched 
by your caring ways. You go the "extra mile." 
You are so full of love and compassion - and 
give them so unselfishly. What a wonderful 
asset you will be to the medical profession. 
Congratulations, Honey. 

We love you, 

Dad and Mom 


Glenn C. Bradley 

Glenn, you are a gift to you parents and 
family, a gift to your friends. Your life 
brightens everyone. Thanks from Mom 
and Dad for doing so well in college and 
thanks for being you. Your energy, enthu- 
siasm, talent, intelligence and dreams will 
set your course as you sail through life. 

&lena l/\ose IrficAeu 


We always knew you would be successful! 

We are so proud of you! 

Always follow your dreams. 

God bless you and all our love. 
Mom, Dad and Nick 


We are all extremely proud of your 
accomplishments even the dog is smiling 

Love, Mom, Dad, Allison, and Bomber. 





Wt, a^ so 


Mom, Tiad, 
"Saut, and 'Deanna 




Congratulations on all of your accomplishments. We all wish you the 
best of luck and may all the dreams you have come true. All of us are 
proud of you. We all love you! 
Mom, Dad, Kristen, Grandparents 




^ Preparations have been «• ^^ 

Laura, yOUr effOft has made it all happen 
Congratulations, With all our love. 

Ma & Pa 


on getting your degree, 


Good lucl<c turning 
tliat frog into 
a Prince ! 

Your Big Brotlier^ 


Kerry Blanchard 

Since the day you were born you have been very 
special to us. Congratulations on all your 
accomplishments. We are so proud of you. 

We love you! 

Mom, Dad and Brad 


David DeSanctis 


Be as proud of yourself as we are of you. 

Your graduation is a great accomplishment, but only one of 
many to come. 

Keep reaching for the stars, never stop. Nothing can stand in 
your way. 

We love you. 

Mom and Pops 


A Nurse's Poem 

Once again you have made us proud 
With all the schooling you have endured 
Whe past four years went by so fast 
For you the knowledge will always last 
All the things you will he able to do 
Will better the world where ever you go 
When things get tough out on your own 
fust remember you always have a home 
Our family bonds are very strong 
We stick together right or wrong 
So as senior year is finally here 
Graduation day is growing near 
Boards to follow and studying to do 
We wish only the best for you. 

Congratulations! Kim, you have made us proud beyond our 
expectations. We are glad you chose Nursing as your career 
because you are a very cariing and compassionate young woman. 

We love you, 

Mom, Dad, Pam, Pete, Deb, Todd, Brandon, Cory and Taylor. 


Elizabeth M. Morrison 


Congratulations on all your accomplishments. We 
are very proud of you. We wish you PEACE, LOVE 

■ ,' Go for it!! Chase your dreams. 

I Love, Mom, Dad, Eric and Ernesto, Jr. 

Bridget DeBlasio 


Congratulations on a job well done. 


Dad, Mom, Sarah and Michael 


Adam Matthews 



This is just the start. 

All our love. 

Mom, Dad, Ruth, Aaron, Jose, and Oumsie. 



















To the Class of 1997, 

Congratulations to you all! Wink your time at Curry College has come to 
a close, we hope this hook will he a constant reminder of the friendships and 
experiences of your college careers. This yearhook was puhlished to 
represent the heginning of an individual academic and social journey that 
we have all emharked upon hy choosing Curry. Hopefully, what we all can 
take away with us is a strong respect and admiration of the individual 
person and his/her differences of personality, culture, and outlook. But 
perhaps more importantly, we should recognize and celehrate all that we 
share with each other: the desire to succeed, the willingness to help our 
neighbor, and the drive to make this world a hetter place for ourselves and 
our children. It was from this concept that hlossomed our theme, A Common 
Thread - a hanner of the creativity. 

Iwoidd like to thank Joyce Sangrey, Peter Hallen, and Karen Silk for all their 
support and guidance. Also, much . . . no huge . . . amounts of thanks to 
Chris Spelman, our yearhook representative with Jostens, for his patience 
and assistance in completing this yearbook . . . You are my savior. Thank 
you as well to all faculty, administration, and staff who have provided 


U^^\lUi ( QliAAJ^ 

Jennifer Edwards 



, ^ Jm King Hussein of 
^T Jordan [right) 
visits the West Banl< of 
the Jordan River in 
October to show 
support for the 
Palestinian-Israeli peace 
talks and the 
establishment of an 
independent Palestinian 
state. It is Hussein's 
first visit since Jordan 
lost the territory to 
Israel in the 1 967 Arab- 
Israeli War 

In November, a hijacked 
Ethiopian airliner crashes 
after running out of fuel. 
The crash occurs near a 
resort beach in the 
Comoros Islands in the 
Indian Ocean. At least 
123 of the 175 people 
on board die, including 
the hijackers. 

After 36 years, Central 
America's longest civil 
war ends when Indian 
rebels and military 
leftists sign a truce 
in Guatemala. 

British Telecommuni- 
cations agrees to 
purchase MCI 
Communications for up i 
to £21 billion in 
November. The deal is 
the biggest foreign 
purchase of a U.S. 
company ever concluded. 

Alija Izetbegovic, leader of 
T Bosnia's Muslim Party of 
Democratic Action, is elected 
chairman of the country's new 
three-person presidency in 
September. The election is held 
in accordance with provisions 
of the U.S.-brokered Dayton 
peace agreement. 

A U.N.-negotiated treaty 
banning chemical 
weapons worldwide is set 
to take effect in the 
spring. The treaty 
prohibits the 

development, production, 
stockpiling or use of 
chemical weapons, and 
calls for the destruction 
of existing supplies. The 
treaty is signed by 1 60 
nations, including the U.S 


President Boris 
Yeltsin wins reelection in 
July, despite persistent 
health problems. After 
successful heart 
surgery in November he 
returns to work. 

^-^ The Miss World beauty 
^T pageant, held in Bangalore, 
India in November, raises a storm of 
protests, some violent, including one 
by a group threatening to stage a 
mass suicide during the pageant's 
telecast. A new Miss World is crowned 
without incident. 

A pipe bomb explodes in 
Centennial Olympic Park after 
the first day of competition at the 
Summer Olympics in Atlanta. Flags fly 
at half-mast to mourn the 1 person 
killed and more than 100 injured. 

-^ Pope John Paul II undergoes 
^T surgery for an inflamed 
appendix in October. His chief surgeon. 
Dr. Francesco Crucitti, announces that 
the 78-year-old leader of the Roman 
Catholic Church is free from "previously 
undiscovered serious ailments." 

Israeli right-wing leader 
Benjamin Netanyahu wins 
the May 1 996 election for 
Prime Minister, defeating Prime 
Minister Shimon Peres, whom 
many Israelis think is making too 
many concessions to Israel's 
Arab neighbors. 




The U.S. Army issues 
strict new policies for drill 
instructors and female 
trainees, as hundreds of 
complaints of sexual 
harassment are revealed 
in November. Drill 
instructors are now 
required to leave their 
doors open If a 
female Is inside, 
and women must 
travel in pairs. 

After thousands of 
veterans complain of 
illnesses since the 1991 
Persian Gulf War, the 
Pentagon warns they 
may have been exposed 
to chemical weapons. 
The Pentagon reveals 
that up to two tons of 
sarin nerve gas may have 
been released. 

Six-year-old beauty 
pageant queen JonBenet 
Ramsey is found 
murdered in the 
basement of her parents' 
Colorado home the day 
after Christmas. Her 
death raises a nationwide 
awareness of 
controversial youth 
beauty pageants. 

Speaker of the House 
Newt Gingrich (R-Georgia) 
is fined $300,000 in a 
bi-partisan vote after the 
House Ethics 
Committee's year-long 
investigation into alleged 
financial improprieties. 

^^ Former UN. ambassador 
^^T Madeleine Albright is 
nominated for Secretary of State by 
President Clinton on December 5. 
Confirmed in office in January 
1 997, Albright is the first woman 
to head the State Department. 

^X Binti Jua. a 

~p gorilla at 
Chicago's Brookfield 
Zoo, becomes a fiero 
when she rescues a 
3-year-old boy l<nocked 
unconscious after falling 
1 a feet into the ape 
enclosure. The boy 
suffers brain contusions 
but soon recovers. 

Robert Allison, Contact Press Images 

^ Seven-year-old pilot Jessica 
^'^^ Dubroff is killed when her 
Cessna airplane crashes shortly 
after take-off in bad weather from 
the Cheyenne, Wyoming airport. 
Her flying instructor and her father, 
the plane's two passengers, are 
also killed in the April 1996 crash. 

^^ One of the 
^T^ longest armed 
stand-offs in U.S. 
history occurs outside 
Jordan, Montana 
between the FBI and 
members of an anti- 
government group 
calling itself the 
Freemen. The Bl-day 
siege ends peacefully 
in June. 

f-^ Theodore Kaczynski, alleged 
^1 to be the "Unabomber," who 
killed 3 people and wounded 
more than 20 others with mail 
bombs since 1 978, is arrested in 
Montana in April 1 996. Information 
provided by Kaczynski's brother 
leads to the arrest. 

On August 1 1 , a 
boater rescues 
1 0-year-old Taylor 
Touchstone from the 
snake- and alligator- 
infested waters of a 
Florida swamp 14 miles 
away from where he 
disappeared August 7. 
Although exhausted 
and badly scratched, 
the autistic boy 
recovers fully 

'»^ ^ 

Reuters/Archive Photos 


ains in Nouembe 
undermine the roa 
of Oregon's IntersI 
5, creating a 40-foot 


forest fires 
blacken more than 
twice the acreage lost 
to fires in an average 
year. California, 
Montana and Oregon 
are particularly hard hit. 


Scliwarz, Gamma/Ljajson 

Is investigated as a suspect in 
July Olympic Park bombing. After 
e months of media frenzy, during 


_^^^ William 

i Jefferson Clinton 
defeats Republican Bob 
Dole and Independent 
H. Ross Perot to 
become the 42nd 
president of the U.S. 
and the last president of 
the 20th century 
Clinton IS the first 
Democrat since 
Franklin Roosevelt to 
be reelected to a 
second term. 


^~ L A civil jury finds former football 
I star O.J. Simpson liable for the 
June 12, 1994 wrongful deaths of his 
ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and 
her friend, Ronald Goldman. In a 
unanimous verdict, the jury awards 
$3.5 million in compensatory damages 
to Goldman's parents. The Brown and 
Goldman families are each awarded 
$12.5 million in punitive damages. 



The Citadel, South 
Carolina's traditionally 
all-male military academy, 
admits four women, including 
Petra Loventinska [left) and 
Jeanie Montavlos. Montavlos 
and another female cadet later 
drop out, citing harassment 
and "sadistic" hazing. 


^-^ Topsail Beach, a town on an 
I island off the coast of North 
Carolina, is one of many Eastern 
locations hit hard by Hurricane Bertha 
in July Six powerful hurricanes, all with 
winds over 110 miles per hour, made 
1 996 a near-record year doing $3.5 
billion in damage in the U.S. 

All 110 people aboard a 
'ValuJet DC-9 are killed in 
May 1 996 when a fire breaks 
out in the cargo hold. The plane, 
en route from Miami to Atlanta, 
crashes and disappears almost 
completely into the Florida 
Everglades, making it difficult for 
workers to retrieve wreckage. 

for violating the c 
schools' sexual gc 
guidelines — he kis 
classmate. Prevel 


controversy over the sug 



A 9,30ayear-old 
skeleton discovered in 
July near Richland, 
Washington is the oldest 
and most intact set of 
human bones ever 
discovered in North 
America. Research is 
suspended, however, 
as the tribes from the 
Native American 
grounds vuhere it is 
found claim the 
skeleton as an 
ancestor and want the 
bones buried. 

Trauma Seal, a new 
medical adhesive that is 
applied like a lip-balm 
stick, is in clinical trials at 
10 hospitals and health 
care institutions 
nationwide. The 
biodegradable adhesive 
could eliminate stitches 
and return visits. 

New York Police 
Department canines 
begin wearing three- 
pound, infrared cameras, 
scouting out potentially 
dangerous areas before 
police officers enter the 
scene. Handlers are 
developing bullet-proof 
vests for the dogs 
to wear. 

A new category of animal 
is discovered in the form 
of bacteria that live on 
the lips of lobsters. 
Symbion pandora, which 
lives on food scraps 
from lobster lips, is called 
"the zoological highlight 
of the decade." 

- jl American 
1^ astronaut 
Shannon Lucid (right) 
spends 1 88 days in 
space, breaking 
American space 
endurance records 
after joining the crew of 
the Russian space 
station Mir, 

^-^ Videogame giant Nintendo 
^T"^ releases its long awaited 
Nintendo 64, a new hardware 
system that draws players into the 
game and moves three times 
faster than any existing system 

^-i An expedition to raise the 

I Titanic, the legendary 
"unsinkable" ocean liner that sank 
on its maiden voyage in 1912, 
from its North Atlantic grave more 
than two miles deep, ends in failure 
in August due to rough seas. 

The Mars 

Surveyor Trolley 
named Sojourner, is 
carried on-board 
Mars Pathfinder, an 
unmanned spacecraft 
launched in December, 
Sojourner a free-roving 
probe the size of a 
child's wagon, will 
photograph the Martian 
surface and determine 
the composition of 
rocks on Mars. 

-^ In August, scientists 
^T^ discover evidence of 
bacteria-like life on a meteorite 
found in 1 984 and believed to be 
part of the crust of Mars 4.5 billion 
years ago. It is the first possible 
proof that life is not unique to Earth. 

Satellite dishes 
become one of 
the year's hottest-selling 
electronic consumer 
products. Owners find 
the savings of not 
paying for cable 
services cover the cost 
within a few months. 



-Jm- "The Late Show" 
^T host David 
Letterman (right), who 
had been hinting at 
retirement, re-signs 
his contract with 
CBS, keeping him at 
"The Late Show" 
through 2002. 

Former NFL 
commissioner Pete 
Rozelle dies on December 
6. Rozelle is credited 
with transforming 
professional football into 
America's top spectator 
sport, and with inventing 
the Super Bowl. 

Basketball megastar 
Michael Jordan 
launches his own 
cologne: Michael 
Jordan Cologne. Demand 
for the fragrance is so 
high that manufacturer 
Bijan Fragrances limits 
sales to 1 2 bottles 
per customer. 

The ever-present Cindy 
Crawford releases a 
book on applying 
make-up. Basic Face 
enjoys a long run on the 
best-seller lists. 

The National Women's 
Hall of Fame opens in 
Seneca Falls, New li'ork, 
inducting 1 1 women, 
including author Louisa 
May Alcott, and Oveta 
Culp Hobby, the nation's 
first female colonel. 

Archbishop of Chicago, 
Cardinal Joseph 
Bernardin dies of 
pancreatic cancer in 
November. Bernardin 
was known for being a 
reconciler in churches 
torn between tradition 
and modern culture, as 
well as for speaking out 
against physiciart- 
assisted suicide. 

^^ _^ In April 1 996, singer 

I Michael Jackson is seen 
escorting a woman later identified 
as Debbie Rows, an employee of 
Jackson's plastic surgeon. In 
November. Jackson announces 
that he and Rowe are married and 
that she is carrying his child. 

-jM Regis Philbin 
I appears with 
host Rosie O'Donnell on 
ABC's 'The Rosie 
O'Donnell Show." The 
talk show, which 
premieres in 1996, 
gains quick popularity 
and respect. 

_^|i^ Music megastar Madonna 

T gives birth to Lourdes Maria 
Ciccone Leon, a 6-pound, g-ounce girl, 
on October 1 4. Madonna's big year 
continues when she wins a Golden 
Globe for her role in Andrew Lloyd 
Webber's on-screen rendition of the 
musical Evita. 

. In October, TV talk-show host 
Jenny Jones testifies during the 
Michigan murder trial of Jonathan 
Schmitz. Schmitz was accused of killing 
Scott Amedure, who revealed romantic 
feelings for Schmitz during a March 
1 995 taping of a "Jenny Jones Show." 

_^J|' In a small, 

T secret ceremony 
on an island off the 
coast of Georgia. John 
F. Kennedy Jr. marries 
Carolyn Bessette, a 
Calvin Klein publicist, in 
September. Kennedy, 
who dated Bessette for 
two years, had long 
been considered one 
of the world's most 
eligible bachelors. 

r^ New York Yankees fan Jeffrey 
^T Maier interferes with a fly ball 
during game one of the American 
League Championship Series on 
October 9. The hit is ruled a 
home run, tying the game 4 to 4 in 
the eighth inning and making Maier 
New York's hero for a day 

^ t Veteran comedian George Burns 
^T dies in March 1 996, just weeks 
after reaching the age of 100. The 
legendary Burns won an Oscar, an Emmy 
and a Grammy Award in an illustrious 
career dating back to vaudeville. 

^ As a stand against the invasion 
^T of his privacy, George Clooney 
star of NBC's "ER," boycotts 
Paramount's "Entertainment Tonight' 
after its sister show "Hard Copy" runs 
unauthorized footage of the actor's 
private life. 




I— flash 


Tom Cruise stars in 
Jerry Maguire, a 
romantic comedy about a 
sports agent who 
decides to change his 
shallow ways, and 
spends the rest of the 
movie trying to regain his 
success. It is a 
breakthrough role for 
Cruise, who is 
normally depicted as 
a cocky winner. 

To honor the 20th 
anniversary of its 
release, producer George 
Lucas issues a "remade" 
Star Wars, with new 
scenes, computerized 
special effects and 
souped-up animation. 
Lucas' grand plan calls 
for a nine-film cycle, 
including prequels. 

English actor/director 
Kenneth Branagh plays 
Hamlet in his star- 
studded remake of 
Shakespeare's classic. 
Despite running four 
hours, the movie is a 
critical and box-office 

NBC's Thursday night 
drama "ER" features 
television's first HIV- 
positive prominent 
character. Jeanie Boulet, 
a physician's assistant 
played by Gloria Reuben, 
is relatively open about 
her condition and helps 
confront the stigma 
of AIDS. 



i ^j l Patrick Stewart 
^T^ [left] and Brent 
Spiner (right) star in 
Star Trek: First Contact. 
a movie featuring 
characters from the TV 
show "Star Trek: The 
Next Generation." 

Paramount Pictures (rom Kobal 

(--^ Scott Adams' Dilbert. the 
^1 comic strip about office 
politics, captures the nation's 
imagination. In book form. The 
Dilbert Principle becomes a 
national best-seller 

EothiCenlUry Fox fhim Shooting Star 

» 1 


' ■■■'"' 


- v' ,%' I < 



kit' ' 



1~£mm f^^ 



** ^£mH^^ '^ 

HK-5' ^ 


Warner Bros. TV from Shooting Star 

^1 Actors Winona Ryder and 

T^ Daniel Day-Lewis star in The 
Crucible, which opens in December 
The screen adaption of Arthur 
Miller's famous play about the 
Salem witch trials is written by 
Arthur Miller himself. 

r ^ Academy Award- 
^r winning actor 
Tom Hanks' first effort 
at directing receives 
critical praise when 
That Thing You Do!, a 
movie about the 
meteoric rise and fall of 
a 1960s rock band, 
opens in October 

20th Century Fox trom Shooting Star 

Model Brooke Shields (center) 
moves to television in NBC's 
"Suddenly Susan," a sit-com premiering 
in September Shields plays a columnist 
opposite magazine editor Judd Nelson 
(far right). 

^^ Sherry Stringfield, Dr Susan 
X^ Lewis on NBC's "ER," leaves 
the show at the peak of her 
character's popularity. In her final 
episode, when Dr Mark Greene, 
played by Anthony Edwards, declares 
his love for Susan, the show gamers 
its highest ratings ever. 

T^ I 

. Author 
I Crichton 
I publishes The 
1 Lost World, a 
sequel to 
Jurassic Park, 
the colossal 
novel and 
movie. The 
new book 
promises to 
generate just as 
much hype, with a movie 
already in the works. 

NBC trom Shooting Star 

_^^L Explosive special 

T^ effects rivet 
audiences to their seats 
as they watch 
Independence Day. 
one of summer's 
blockbuster movies. 

_ Bugs Bunny and Chicago Bulls 
basketball star Michael Jordan 
share top billing in Space Jam. a 
partially animated feature film that 
opens in late November. 

Tom Cruise stars in 
Mission: Impossible, based 
on the 1 960s and '70s television 
series of the same name. Despite 
critical put-downs, the movie Is a 
huge box-office hit. 

20th Century Fox from Stiooting Star 

Actors Brad Pitt [left) and 
Jason Patric star in 
Sleepers, a film about four men and 
their extraordinary scheme to 
revenge the abuse they experienced 
as boys. The controversial movie 
also stars Dustin Hoffman, Robert 
De Niro and Kevin Bacon. 

_ John Lithgow (front right) 
earns both an Emmy and a 
Golden Globe Award for Best Actor 
in a Comedy Series in NBC's "3rd 
Rock From the Sun," a sit-com 
about a family of aliens living in 
contemporary America. 

America's favorite sit-com 
father Bill Cosby, enjoys the 
success of his new CBS show, "Cosby" 
In January 1997, however, tragedy 
strikes as Cosby's son Ennis is killed in 
Los Angeles in an apparent 
random robbery 

r^ Stars Bll Paxton and Helen 

T Hunt flee a tornado of 
awesome proportions in Twister. 
another summer blockbuster, 
which tells the story of storm 
chasers highly devoted to studying 
the inner workings of tornadoes. 


-^ British pop 
I superstars Liam 
(left] and Noel Gallaglier 
cancel the remainder of 
a U.S. concert tour in 
September amid rumors 
that their band, Oasis, is 
breaking up. Denying the 
reports, the brothers 
announce they will 
release a new album in 
the summer of 1997. 

GiacarEC Sbsh of Guns 
N* Hoses fonns his own 
band, his new gp-oup, 
Sbsh's BhES Bal, is a 
soHTian Uues band 
i^uu'Kied in the blues- 
based hard rock of 
the 1970s. 

Rocker Shery Crow joins 
the rarlcs of musicians 
who have had their 
aftHMns banned from 
WaMtert. The retai 
giant ofaiects to a lyric 
ales^ that kids ka each 
other with guis they 
otitained from the store. 

f—^ Canadian pop artist Celine 

1^ Dion tops the charts in 
1 996 with the album Falling Into 
You. which sells more than 1 6 
million copies worldwide. 

After 10 years of separation, members 
of the band Van Helen are reunited with 
their former lead singer, David Lee Roth (right), 
at the MTV Video Music Awards in September. 
Roth later claims he thought he was rejoining 
the band, who chose a different lead singer 

-Jt. Heavy metal band Metallica 
\ is the headlining act for the 
summer concert Lollapalooza, 
traditionally an alternative-rock 
show. Metallica remains high- 
profile, winning an MTV award for 
the year's Best Hard Rock Video 
in September 

James L. Lance. LGl 



Tennis pro Pete Sampras 
wins the eighth grand- 
slam title of his career 
at the U.S. Open in 
September. Steffi Graf 
wins the U.S. Open 
Women's title, beating 
Monica Seles. 

Pro boxer Mike Tyson 
loses his Heavyweight 
Champion of the 
World title to Euander 
Holyfield in a November 
match. Holyfield, a 
former two-time world 
champion, reclaims his 
title in the surprise vi/in. 

Chicago Bulls star 
Dennis Rodman furthers 
his controversial 
reputation by kicking a 
photographer in the 
groin during a game 
against the Minnesota 
Timberwolves in January 
1997. Rodman is 
suspended for up to 1 1 
games without pay. 
costing him more than 
S1 million, in addition to 
a S25,000 fine to the 
NBA, as well as a 
reported 3200,000 
settlement with the 

Baltimore Orioles second 
baseman Roberto 
Alomar is suspended for 
five games, deferred to 
the 1997 season, wrfien 
he spits on an umpire 
during a heated 
argument over a 
questionable call in the 
National League play-offs. 
Controversy ensues over 
the leniency of the 

The New York 
Yankees win the 
World Series, beating 
the Atlanta Braves in a 
four-game sweep, after 
losing the first two 
games. It is the first 
series title for the 
Yankees since 1978. 

^^ Team USA wins the World 
]^ Cup of Hockey, beating 
Canada 5-2 in the final. Eight 
teams from Canada, Europe and 
the U.S. participate in the 
World Cup, which replaced the 
Canada Cup. 

^-4 ^ Twenty-year-old golfing 
T^ phenom Eldrick 'Tiger" 
Woods turns pro in August, making 
the transition from exceptional 
amateur golfer to well-endorsed 
professional, including a deal 
with Nike worth an estimated 
$40 million. 

^^ Paul Molitor of the 

T*"^ Minnesota Twins becomes 
the 21st player in major league 
history to reach 3,000 career 
hits. The milestone is reached in 
September, when Molitor triples 
against Kansas City Royals rookie 
pitcher Jose Rosado. 

^ ^J m Race car driver Terry Labonte 
^r" wins NASCAR's Winston Cup 
championship with a total of 4,657 
points after finishing fifth in the 
final race, the Napa 500, at the 
Atlanta Motor Speedway 

Led by quarterback Brett 
Favre, the Green Bay Packers 
beat the New England Patriots 35-21 
in Super Bowl XXXI at the Louisiana 
Superdome. It is the Packers' first 
Super Bowl since 1 9B8. 

^- L Minnesota Twins star 
^T^ centerfielder Kirby Pucl<ett; 
announces his retirement from 
baseball in July. A serious eye 
ailment forces Puckett to give up 
\he game, but he manages to 
maintain his upbeat attitude at 
press conferences and interviews. 



'^ flash 

Helping consumers 
maintain privacy, 
marketers promote 
home AIDS tests. 
Consumers draw their 
own bhxxj and then send 
it away to be tested 

Advancing technology 
means more options 
on telephones, 
indudng Caller ID. 
which becomes more 
common than ever in 
1 996. The display unit 
allows people to see the 
name and number of 
their caller before even 
answering the phone. 

Authors Eilen Fein and 
Sherrie Schneider 
release The Rules, a 
controversial manual 
teaching women 
strategies for getting a 
man to propose 
marriage. While the book 
draws criticism from 
both sexes, it is a 

The U.S. Postal Service 
issues stamps 
Hanukkah, the first non- 
Christian religious 
holkJay ever featured 
on a stamp. 

Casual Fridays become 
more and more 
widespread in American 
wori< culture. Businesses 
allow employees vi/ho 
normally dress in 
professional clothing at 
work to wear more 
comfortable, casual 
clothing on Fridays. 

(^^ A "Sesame Street" stuffed 

^^ toy causes panic among 
holiday shoppers. Tickle Me Elmo 
sells out in stores nationwide, and 
has shoppers fighting over scarce 
inventory and paying hundreds of 
times the toy's value. 

(--k, The My Twinn Doll Company 

\^ offers individually crafted 
dolls that replicate, from a photo, 
the eye color, hair and facial 
features of a living girl. Each doll 
comes with two matching outfits, 
one for the doll and one for 
the owner 

-^ Nail polish colors get darker 
^1 and funkier Deep browns 

and blues are popular forms of 

expression and style. 

^^^1 The minimur 
i r wage is 
raised to $4.75 in 
October, and will 
increase again to 
$5.15, effective 
September 1 , 1 997 

^ .-^ The beverage 

^T^ industry 
introduces a new 
concept — bottled 
water with caffeine! 
One bottle of the 
uncarbonated water 
contains as much 
caffeine as one cup 
of coffee. 

-^k Disney's 
^^ 707 
inspires an 
avalanche of 
filling stores 
with spotted 
toys, backpacks, 
games and other 
odds and ends.